About our Neon LED SIgns

LED neon signs are now the world's leading choice for flexibility, durability and price in light up signage.

  • LED Neon Sign


    LED neon signs are now the world's leading choice for flexibility, durability and price in light up signage.

    By utilising modern materials and innovative technology, LED neon signs deliver that classic neon look at a fraction of the glass neon price.

    LED flex neon encased in rubber PVC/acrylic tubing also allows us to create beautiful neon signs that have an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours!

    Our LED neon signs are bright, strong and easy to maintain, making them the perfect choice for both home and business.

  • LED Neon Sign


    Low Running Costs

    LED neon signs are not only cost effective but also energy efficient, with running costs estimated at just 5p per day!

    Easy to Install

    LED neon signs are light in weight and ideal for mounting in virtually every environment, including outdoors! We can add waterproofing to your order too!

    Safety First

    Our LED neon signs contain no glass parts, potentially toxic gasses and do not overheat. The acrylic backboard is also shatterproof.

  • LED Neon Sign


    The flexibility of LED neon tubing allows us to turn anything in to a neon sign! Choose from one of the following design options:

    1. Utilise our custom sign builder to create your own text design from a huge range of colour, font and size options.

    2. Upload your own image, logo or inspiration via our design request form to see how our team can turn anything into neon!

    3. View our product range and shop for popular neon sign designs which are made to order in your preferred colour and size.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 1 - Finalise the Design

    Once we have received your order and reviewed the design, it is passed to our team of designers who will confirm the final width to height ratio.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 2 - Engrave the Acrylic

    The first part of production is to trace your neon sign design on to your choice of acrylic backboard to make sure the final design is perfect.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 3 - Mount the Neon

    Once the design template has been traced on to the backboard, the LED neon flex tubing will then be carefully moulded on to the acrylic backboard.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 4 - Connect the Light

    After the neon tubing is installed, we then embed the lighting components into the sign and ensure that they create a consistent neon effect.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 5 - Attach the Cover Strip

    Dependent on which option you choose during the design stage, we attach either a coloured or white covering to the LED neon tubing.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 6 - Shape the Acrylic

    During the design process you can choose to have a square backboard, cut to shape or cut to letter. This is the stage at which we cut the acrylic.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 7 - Perform an 8 Hour Test

    Quality is everything to us. That's why we ensure that every sign is quality tested for at least 8 hours to make sure you receive the perfect neon product.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 8 - Final Quality Control

    Before we dispatch your neon sign, we perform the final quality control checks of all components. We then wrap the sign in film to keep it dust and static free.

  • Custom Neon Sign

    Step 9 - Pack and Dispatch

    Finally, we pack your brand new neon sign and all accessories within shock-proof packaging to ensure your sign arrives ready to use in perfect condition.

  • Custom Neon Bar LED Neon Sign

    Where can LED Neon Signs be used?

    We make indoor LED Neon Signs and Outdoor Neon Signs so that can be used almost anywhere.

    Here are some examples.

    Here are some examples 
  • Custom Neon Quote LED Neon Sign

    Case Studies - see some of the signs we have made

    We make signs for every type of use. Business LED Neon Signs to promote your offering or a personalised LED Neon to bring a little extra ambience'

    See examples of our work 
  • One for the Road LED Neon Sign

    Our LED Neon Signs can be made exactly to your needs

    We offer the widest range of LED neon colours, acrylic backboards and accessories. With free delivery, 24 month guarantee and 5 star customer service, we deliver everytime.

    Learn about our sign options 
  • Welcome to the Madhouse LED Neon Sign

    Where do we deliver?

    Neon Now deliver across the world at no extra cost, and all signs arrive with country appropriate power supplies and accessories. Have a look at some of the towns and cities across the world who have trusted us with LED Neon Signs.

    Travel the world with us 
  • LED Neon Sign Accessories

    Power Adaptor

    Power supply with a 5m lead and the correct plug for your country.

  • LED Neon Sign Hanging Kit

    Hanging Kit

    A robust hanging cable to allow you to easily hang your sign anywhere!

  • LED Neon Sign Mounting Kit

    Mounting Kit

    Mount your neon sign directly to the wall using our screws and spacers.

  • LED Neon SIgn Remote/ Dimmer Control


    A controller allowing you to remotely dim and switch your sign on/off.

  • LED Neon Sign

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